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Temporary Order Issues

  • 29th September 2020
Due to an issue caused by a recent update to the website and the server panels, new orders may not be assigned to the proper panel account, or new customers will not receive a panel account automatically.If you are a new customer ordering for the first time, and do NOT receive an email to setup your panel account after paying for your order, or if ...
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EU Dedi and new game services!

  • 9th April 2020
We're pleased to announce the release of our EU game servers! Hosted out of Falkenstein, Germany, the EU server will provide all the same support, reliability and prices EXILED Hosting customers love, at a regionally local location for Europeans.Ontop of this, both the US and EU locations now offer Minecraft servers aswell, with more games to be ...
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Terraria servers!!

  • 19th March 2020
EXILED Hosting is proud to announce the launch of our Terraria server hosting service!All Terraria servers will come with tModLoader installed - meaning you will also need to install it on your client, however if you wish for a vanilla experience you can simple not install any mods on the server, tModLoader functions in much the same way EXILED ...
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