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Troubleshooting your server Print

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In this Article we are going over the most common issues Server Owners have, and how to fix them.


My server isn't on the Server List, why?

Have you verified your server? In the console there will be a message saying you need to verify your server, please click on the link and verify your server.

If that isn't the problem, make sure your server is set to be publicly visible, this could be incorrect verification settings and config issues. If you are still having problems, please make a ticket.


My server crashes, or it doesn't start.

Make sure you have release ready plugins, some plugins aren't ready to be used!

Make sure you your configuration is correct, if some of it is wrong it could cause a crash.

If these are not the reasons, then please make a ticket.


How do I know what to config?

Most plugins have a github page, or documentation. If you can't find it, request support on the authors discord or the Exiled Discord Server.


My problem isn't on this list!

If your problem isn't on this list, you should either request support in the Exiled Discord Server or make a ticket.

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