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Getting on the Official Server List Print

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How to get on the Official SCP:SL Server List

To get onto the Official SCP:SL Server List you must first navigate to your servers console.

In the console you should see a link. Copy the link shown.

You will need to copy and paste this link into your search bar at the top of your browser.

After going to that link you will need to select "public" and then click submit.


Editing the Config

You will need to do minor editing in the config to also show your server on the Official List.


Navigate to your config file (normally found in /scp_server/servers/server1/config_gameplay.txt) in the File Browser or an SFTP Client of your choice.

You will need to change these 3 config values:


server_name: SCP Server

serverinfo_pastebin_id: default

contact_email: default


Change the server_name config value to your servers name.


Then change the serverinfo_pastebin_id to the id of a pastebin link.

An example of this would be this link:

You would take the end of the link which would be xJ8Kk0A8 and that is what you would put in that field.


The last config value, contact_email is the email that the SCP:SL Staff will use to contact you about your server.

This should either be your main email, or an email you check often.


After all of that you should restart your server.

Your server should be on the Official List now.


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